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Edition #002 – Our United States Ambassador @yogi.bianca 

“I find great joy and fulfillment in supporting people to live their daily lives in its fullest and in relation to their individual needs and abilities.”

We are fortunate to get a chance to work with Dr. Bianca on multiple yoga challenges. We are much inspired by her strength during her pregnancy and her journey towards motherhood. She motivates the yoga community with her self-care spirit and discipline. From prenatal to postnatal, she shows up on Instagram for the challenges and provide us with her daily dose of motivation! 

 As a doctor in occupational therapy, Bianca believes in science and evidence-based research but also in a holistic approach towards wellness and health. By now, you probably want to find out from her whether it is safe to work out prenatal and postnatal. Check out the advice below from Dr. Bianca: 

 1. Talk to your healthcare provider or support person about your lifestyle before pregnancy, and your healing progress after birth. 

 2. Listen to your body. 

 3. Prenatal: Continue exercise programs you have been following before pregnancy. Cut back a little bit if you feel more tired. This is not the time to add new exercise routines. 

 4. Postnatal: Work from the inside out. Begin strengthening deep muscles like the pelvic floor and deep core muscles. Give yourself time and allow your body to heal! Remember, tissue like fascia needs to reconnect and recover first – don’t overstretch.  

Learn more about “The Truth About Your Prenatal Workout and Why It’s Essential to Get It Right” in Dr. Bianca’s article.

A little more about Dr. Bianca – Dr. Bianca is a doctor in OT (Occupational Therapy), a yoga instructor on water and land for students with and without disabilities, and a barre instructor in the Boston area. She has been working as an OT for more than four years in Germany, and just started a position as Research OT for Harvard University after finishing her Doctor in OT at Boston University in February 2021. She has been teaching yoga for more than three years and launched her own SUP Yoga business in 2020. 

Check out Dr. Bianca’s profile for more tips on yoga practices, motherhood advice and an exclusive offer from us!  



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